Vision and Mission


The company is stable and safe in all aspects of the electricity production business both in Thailand and ASEAN having the plans and operations in accordance with the plans of the Thai government, eco-friendliness, and social responsibility.


  • To reduce the risks of the investors with the emphasis on the cautious problem solving and safe business plan operation in all aspects
  • To provide the good, fair, and stable returns for the shareholders
  • To emphasize the development, construction, and operation of the eco-friendly power plants for the production of clean electrical energy, enhancement of stability, including secure and sustainable investment expansion.


The success of business might not be considered only from the good returns, but the stability and prosperity of the society. The success should be therefore resulted from the interdependency and cooperation, not the competition or exploitation whereas the good turnover is just the end point that should be fairly allocated. When all components are well united based on the ethnicity, transactions, and progress, the sustainability will be finally achieved.


  • To develop the potential, standards, and quality of the solar power plants
  • To enhance the potential and efficiency of the energy knowledge management using the information system, advanced technology, effective procedures to reduce the possible risk factors
  • To develop the capability of the personnel and contractors through the potential assessment system regarding the safety, stability, occupational health, and environment to maintain the performance standards safely and efficiently